With an interactive and comprehensive calendar that showcases the many facets of Temple life, and an incentive program to deepen engagement throughout the community,

Aliyah of Belonging is designed to transform our shared Jewish experience. Select your category of choice, check off once you’ve attended an event, and watch your progress update in real-time. You can track your participation across multiple programs and manage your own personalized calendar of upcoming Temple events right from your profile page. This program is designed to be user-friendly for members of all backgrounds, and technical support will be provided along the way.


Together, we can elevate our lives through an American Aliyah, an experimentation and willingness to push beyond established practice and existing comfort levels to try something different, something more, something that can transform us and our families as, together, we transform our world.

While membership in a synagogue requires an investment of financial resources to sustain fundamental needs, it is the greater investments of time, effort, and spirit that produce the richest, most meaningful, most enduring bonds with Jewish tradition and Jewish community. Temple’s Rabbis, Staff, and Lay Leadership are excited to develop this online opportunity to deepen connection in the physical world.

AoB – About – Rabbis Photo 3
AoB – About – Rabbis Photo 3
AoB About Rabbis Photo 3

Just as our aliyah, our spiritual “going up,” is a constant work in progress, so too is this project.  Version 2 will follow Version 1.  Version 3 is not far behind.  Check back often, as Aliyah of Belonging offers you a new way to deepen your connection to Jewish life and Temple De Hirsch Sinai.