Welcome to the Aliyah of Belonging

Covenant (brit) [n]: A reciprocal promise of awareness, empathy, and action; a mutuality of obligation between people, and — in the context of Judaism — with God.

Aliyah [n]: Going up to Torah, to the Land of Israel, or to Jerusalem; elevating oneself physically and spiritually.

To facilitate engagement in this brit and with our community, we invite you to participate in our Aliyah of Belonging.
Think of it as a pathway to broader and deeper participation in Jewish life. Aliyah means to “go up,” and through exploration, experimentation, and willingness to push beyond established practice, we will:

try something different,
try something more,
transform our families and transform our world.

It is a blessed paradox of Judaism that giving of self often produces the greatest personal gain. It is the investments of time, effort, and spirit that provide the richest, most meaningful, most enduring bond between people and Jewish community. Start down the pathway of more meaningful participation.

We invite you to “go up” with us.